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Parish Management


As Catholics, we are called to be "in the world", but not "of the world".

Parish Management teams at St. Theresa's help run the church's short and long term operations, whether it is through maintenance work at the main church or creating a budget for the new fiscal year.  

Do you have special skills in finance, human resources, and building maintenance? Join St. Theresa's Parish Management teams today.


Finance Committee
The Finance Committee works closely with the Pastor to provide consultation and input on matters of finance. They prepare the yearly financial report, which is given to parishioners using all forms of parish communications (e.g. website, parish bulletin, pulpit, etc.). This committee operates independently of the parish council, but updates the council on a regular basis. 

To be eligible to serve on a Parish's Finance Committee, the parishioner should be registered with the parish and have no known conflict of interest with any entity doing business with the parish. Members should have some financial expertise, but they do not need to be professional accountants. This is a volunteer position. We meet about 4 times a year. 

Qualifications include:

  • Appreciation for Church ministry
  • Experience with banking or investing
  • General interest in Church financial issues
  • General understanding of proper accounting practices and internal controls
  • Experience preparing, analyzing or auditing financial statements

Maintenance Team
Maintenance volunteers carry out or assist (as needed) in inspections and/or repairs of the Church premises, both indoor and outdoor. They also assist in cleaning the Church premises from time to time. This team works closely with the Pastor and the parish custodian.

Volunteer Screening Committee
The volunteer screening committee ensures that current and prospective parish volunteers are screened, vetted, and onboarded to their ministry roles as securely as possible. They are responsible for running a rigorous process to recruit and retain parish volunteers, using the guidelines set forth by both the Province of Ontario and the Archdiocese of Toronto. Considering that ministry roles in the parish tend to involve a lot of person-to-person outreach, this team ensures that the safety of both parish participants and volunteers are upheld at all times and risk to the parish managed (if any). It screens all volunteers as they enter into a ministry.

Parish volunteers are classified by 'risk':

  • Under the low risk category, forms are filled out, signed and submitted to the committee.
  • For volunteers working with vulnerable populations (e.g. children and seniors) or sensitive information (e.g. parish records and access data, etc.), they must be interviewed and undergo criminal record check.

All results are kept in strict confidence. Please contact the Pastor if you are interested in joining the Volunteer Screening Committee. 

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