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Hospitality Ministries


Our parish strongly believes that the church is our spiritual home.

St. Theresa's Hospitality Ministries help create this atmosphere of home - welcoming both current and new parishioners, organizing social events, and journeying with those experiencing loss and bereavement.

This ministry is also integral to creating a safe environment during the COVID-19 pandemic by diligently disinfecting the church after Mass and upholding our WorshipSafe guidelines at all times.

As our churches begin transitioning into a post-pandemic period, demand for Hospitality Ministry volunteers has never been greater. Join the Hospitality Ministry today and help make St. Theresa's Parish a true spiritual home for you and for our community.


Ministers of Hospitality (i.e. Ushers)

Ministers of Hospitality (or Ushers) welcome all parishioners and visitors into the church and assist with seating.  They also take up the collections, distribute bulletins, answer questions, and tidy up the church.  They respond to any needs parishioners may have during Mass. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, their role has expanded to include implementation of our WorshipSafe guidelines in the parish. Their work has allowed the parish to reopen and remain open - we have NOT been a source of COVID-19 transmission, also known as a "superspreader" event, to date.

Demand for Ministers of Hospitality has never been greater than today. Please contact the Parish Office to join this Ministry today.

Parish Cleaning Team

Parish Cleaning Team Members contribute to the health and safety of the parish community by providing additional cleaning support to the parish in extraordinary circumstances and for large-scale events. This ministry will assist in the sanitization of the church between Mass celebrations, and after the church has been used for other events.

Just like the Ministers of Hospitality, their work has allowed the parish to remain a safe and healthy environment for our community. Please contact the Parish Office to join this Ministry today.

Bereavement Ministry

These are volunteers who reach out to families who have lost a loved one with a caring, loving presence and support. If requested, the Bereavement Volunteers can be present at the funeral home to offer consolation and/or conduct a prayer service.

The crisis one experiences in the loss of a loved one in death threatens one's existence, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Grieving is a normal process of adjusting to loss. Though each one's grief is unique, all who grieve share a common bond. Characteristics include: Loneliness, fear, panic, anxiety, depression, anger, pain frustration, loss of energy.

Family and friends of the departed will be invited to attend a Remembrance Mass in November.

Parish Women's Group

The group is a ministry for women working together to promote Church functions, support community involvement in a social atmosphere and provide financial assistance to the Parish. Their main fundraiser is St. Theresa's annual Christmas Bazaar in November, a major event that has become part and parcel of our parish life every year.

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