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Digital Media Ministry


St. Theresa's Digital Media Ministry responds to the call to make technology a vehicle for evangelization. Their work is more than just the parish website or memes on social media. Rather, they are stewards who bring the church to individual homes, using digital media to connect families to the sacraments whether it is through livestreamed Mass or virtual faith formation. They also contribute to the immediate technical needs of the church and tell the story of St. Theresa's Parish community all over the world. 


Digital Engagement
The Digital Engagement team manages the front-facing digital properties of the parish such as the parish website and social media accounts. They assist the parish in conducting online event registrations and keep the parish informed through up-to-the-minute news updates through the parish's digital channels. Their job is to keep the parish community informed and facilitate connection both in-person and online.

This team manages:

Creative Design
Our Creative Design team brings truth, beauty and function into our parish communications. They create the assets needed to encourage participation in our parish liturgies, such as posters for an upcoming event, the Mass Template for Sunday Mass, or a downloadable Mass booklet for First Holy Communion or Confirmation. 

This team works on:

  • Graphic and digital design for parish communications (e.g. print posters, infographics, social media images, etc.).
  • Creating and presenting the parish's worship guides (e.g. Mass Templates, novena guides, printable worship booklets, etc.).
  • Photography and video coverage for the parish's special events (e.g. Feast Day Mass).

Virtual Programs
The Virtual Programs team ensures that the parish's livestreaming service is high quality at all times. They operate the livestream system at Mass, broadcast it through our digital channels, and ensure that our livestream service is a source of nourishment to those participating virtually. 

This team manages:

  • St. Theresa's livestream system.
  • Our virtual meeting platforms.
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